DWL Lit Bites – Mar 18

Hello readers! Apologies for this delayed Lit Bites. Life in an ad agency just means that the grind is constant but HEY, that should not stop us from indulging in our passions which for me is reading and finding literary links for you all. So here is this week’s round up.

1. So my friend was awesome enough to leave this gem on my Facebook wall. I cannot believe it is from 2013 because I mean, where has this awesomeness been all my life? It is a mash-up of Pride and Prejudice and Parks and Recreation. Both ensemble casts, both endearing, both provincial, this is a mash-up made in heaven.

2. So this past week, the hot debate in the literary world has been: WHO is this Elena Ferrante and why are we so obsessed with her? The elusive author of the famous Neopolitan novels has kept her identity such a secret, everyone is wondering who she is. The New York Times offers this viewpoint while Electric Literature says this. Read both and come to your own conclusions, readers.

3. One of my favorite authors, Zadie Smith discusses Beyonce and literature in this basically perfect podcast from the New York Public Library.