DWL Lit Bites – Mar 25

Hello readers! It is another week and I have a round-up of links from around the interwebs. Obviously I had to include some JK Rowling love because she is awesome and keeps making noise in the literary world. So let’s do this!

1. JK Rowling shared some of the rejection letters she received from publishers to encourage writers not to give up, basically proving once again that she is a goddess among Muggles.

2. If you are forever confused at the constant state of change in the literary world, like “white people explaining an Oriental phenomenon is basically Eat, Pray, Loving over the whole thing” then this literary glossary from The Millions is for you.

3. An incredible handwritten script by William Shakespeare, in which he recreated Sir Thomas More’s plea for the humane treatment of refugees, will soon be available online. The bard’s words are extremely pertinent given the ongoing issue of providing asylum and humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees and the European, and especially British, response to the situation.