DWL Lit Bites – Mar 4

Hello readers! So many apologies for the lack of news from the literary world. February just slipped by really fast despite the extra day. But I am hoping to stick to a regular uploading schedule from this month. So let’s get started for I have some awesome links this week.

1. Jonathan Sturgeon over at Flavoriwire makes a fantastic argument for why television is turning to the novel and making a return to the good ol’ style of serialized writing that made Dickens’ career. Fascinating reading if you also love “literary” TV like Fargo and Mad Men.

2. Speaking of literary television, Matt Weinkam at Electric Literature presents how points of view, specifically what is in the frame and what isn’t ¬†heighten tension in film and fiction. It totally explains why The Murder of Roger Ackroyd remains Agatha Christie’s best and most shocking novel to date.

3. Two pieces on McSweeney’s had me ROFL-ing. This one is all those white dude-bro movies rewritten to pass the Bechdel¬†test. The Bechdel test is a measure of showing how gender diverse a piece of media is. So if it has two named women who are talking about something other than a man, it passes the Bechdel test. You would be surprised at how many movies and books don’t fit this criteria. The next link is a retelling of Chacer’s Canterbury Tales, which would totes be these. The Instagram Addict’s Tale would probably be something I would like to write for sure.